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Best Audio Cables Ratings

Mediabridge - 3.5mm Male To 3.5mm Male Stereo Audio Cable - 4 Feet -New design accomodates iphone, itouch, smartphone and mp3 cases

Mediabridge 3.5mm Stereo Audio CableConnect & play music from your Smartphone, tablet & MP3 player to a car stereo, portable speaker or other 3.5mm stereo audio output.

Product Comparisons
  • “I would recommend this cable and would consider purchasing other Mediabridge products in the future.” – Chad
  • “The design was perfect to fit the plug into my iPhone with the case on.” – Rjflower
  • “Overall the construction looks very good. screw cap over the plugs allows for you to re-solder the wires if you had to. nice thick cable, and gold plated tips.” – Coolaid

AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable, 6 Feet

The AmazonBasics TOSLINK Digital Audio Optical Cable helps you connect audio components when clear sound quality is your priority. This digital audio TOSLINK cable can be used to connect your CD and DVD players, digital satellite, and more to your preamplifier, receiver, audio processors, and digital-to-analog converters (DACs).

Consumer Reviews
  • “The cable easily snapped into place and fit snugly on both devices.” – Sherlock
  • “The AmazonBasic cords and cables may be priced less than other brands but they are high quality.” – JiggyMan
  • “These were much better quality cables then what I had and they did make a difference in sound quality.” – Blckhwks77

InCarCables Car and Home Stereo 1.2m AUX-IN Cable 3.5mm for iPod, iPhone, Smartphone and Mp3 Players

InCarCables 4ft Aux-In Cable With Durable Stepped Connector
Looking for a way to use your iPod, iPhone, smartphone, mp3 player or tablet (kindle) with your car or home stereo? InCarCables’ high-quality, gold-plated aux-in cable is the perfect solution!Simply plug one end into the headphone socket of your device and the other into the jack in your car (or home stereo), and you’re set! The sound quality is excellent and the cable’s durability makes it much longer lasting than cheaper versions!This new slimline cable with a stepped connector is a recent addition to our bestselling range.

Product Research
  • “It is a very good quality aux cable, the sound is great, and it is sturdy on the ends.” – mhman2014
  • “I hook these aux-in cables to my iphone and the mp3 jack in my car so I can listen to streaming music from my car speakers…..Cables work Great!” – Scooter
  • “It fit perfectly in my iPhone without having to remove the case from the phone.” – K. Baughn

C&E 30S1-01260 2 x RCA Male, 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Female, Y-Cable 6-Inch Gold Plated Connector

2 x RCA Y Audio Cable connects PC Sound Cards, portable CD players, MP-3 players or any mini-home stereo audio source with 3.5mm jacks to a stereo receiver or multimedia speakers.

Product Reviews
  • “This shipper was fast and the item was EXACTLY as they described.” – C. Costello
  • “I hooked up my computer speakers with a subwoofer into my flat screen TV and now it sounds like I have a surround system, all for just a few dollars!!!” – Ryan P
  • “Works just like its supposed to.” – kn

Mediabridge - Toslink Cable - Optical Digital Audio Cable - 6 feet

Mediabridge Toslink Cables The Toslink optical audio connection carries a digital audio stream using a fiber-optic cable. This Mediabridge Toslink Cable is perfect for whenever you need to connect audio devices, such as a CD or DVD players to a receiver or preamplifier.

Consumer Guide
  • “I’d say you can buy this cable with confidence.” – Tom…
  • “The cable ends fit snug and snap into the socket just like they’re supposed to.” – Cinder
  • “I connected my Sony Surround Sound system to my new Apple TV and the quality is great!” – Scott Kover

Mediabridge - 3.5mm Male To (2) RCA Stereo Audio Cable - (6 Feet) - Step Down Design accommodates iPhone, iTouch, SmartPhones & MP3 cases

Mediabridge 3.5mm Female to 2-Male RCA AdapterThis cable is ideal for connecting Smartphones, MP3 players & tablets to a stereo receiver, speaker or other RCA-enabled device.

Audio Cables Reviews
  • “Gold plated ends look awesome, and the cable itself is nice and thick but still flexible.” – cwise12
  • “Much better than the junk i bought at best buy.” – David M. Landau
  • “Cable is high-quality, RCA connectors are snug and mini-jack plug fits all my phones in their cases.” – S. Sullivan

Mediabridge 50 feet Triple Shielded Coaxial Digital Audio Video Cable F-Pin to F-Pin with Easy Grip Connector Caps

Mediabridge Coaxial Digital Audio/Video CableProvides a connection for TV’s, VCR’s, cable modems, satellite receivers, off-air antennas & other coaxial F-Pin enabled devices.

Product Comparisons
  • “The plastic cover on each end make it easy to grip and tighten the connectors.” – HEIDI S HEBB
  • “Nothing I can say its a cable and it works like one.” – Nick Reuter
  • “We used the cable off of a splitter (satellite tv) and it works perfectly.” – Genki

Belkin Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug, 2-RCA Plugs (6 feet)

Belkin Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug/2-RCA Plugs (6ft)

  • “The cable works perfectly and provides very good sound quality.” – David E. Henry
  • “I used it to connect both an MP3 player and a WiFi radio to my old stereo system and it works perfectly.” – David H. Hawley
  • “You can spend 4 times as much with the Monster Cable brand, or buy this, and save some money.” – C. Schultz

BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable(10 feet)

The BlueRigger Toslink optical audio connection carries a digital audio stream using a fiber-optic cable. It is perfect for connecting your audio devices such as CD/DVD players to a receiver, preamplifier or audio processorHome-Theater Application Toslink cable allows enjoyment of movies with Dolby Digital® and DTS® surround sound.

Product Reviews
  • “I highly recommend BlueRigger for all your cabling needs.” – Puterwzrd
  • “It works and the plugs fit properly.” – David S. Winokur
  • “The cable works just as well as the expensive ones.” – Aaron Q

Mediabridge 15 feet Ultra Series - Dual Shielded Subwoofer Cable - RCA to RCA Gold Plated Pro Grade Connectors

Mediabridge ULTRA Series Subwoofer CableConnects a subwoofer speaker to an audio component like a stereo receiver or sound system, while offering excellent bass response & flexibility.

Audio Cables Reviews
  • “This cable is well built and works great.” – zippy1
  • “The cable itself is solid and really thick ……….and the connectors are very sturdy.” – Sandy
  • “Connectors on both ends fit snugly, no loose connections.” – Trendkill

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