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Finding the Best Sata Cables

StarTech 18in SATA to Right Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable (SATA18RA1)

Enables connecting a internal SATA device to the SATA host controller over a long run where connector clearance is limitedView largerLook for StarTech.

Product Ratings
  • “It is a Right Angle connector.” – Sujit Kumar Mahapatra
  • “And the clip makes it easy to remove the cable from the drive without having to use force – just press down on the clip and it’s on & off.” – AmazonGuy
  • “I was happy to see that great customer service is still alive.” – Travinsky

C&E CNE11445 SATA Data Cable (2pk.)
Product Research
  • “When it comes to pricing and what you get for your money, this is a great deal.” – Richard Irwin
  • “The cable was just long enough to reach.” – J. Brown
  • “The cables don’t have a locking mechanism, but they have a snug fit and don’t feel like they’re going to fall out.” – Wilson Bieber

Monoprice 18-Inch SATA III 6.0 Gbps Cable with Locking Latch and 1 x 90-Degree Plug (108783)

Each major revision of the Serial ATA interface specification has doubled the maximum data transfer rate. The latest SATA Revision 3.0 allows for data transfer speeds of up to 6 Gbps.

Customer Reviews
  • “Feels like a good quality cable.” – Mr. Steve
  • “Nice secure latch that isn’t crazy hard to disconnect.” – Sharon Harmon
  • “It is a great cable it gave me a good amount length to work with and the 90 degree end works good for mounting drives.” – alan hjertstedt PYO2SATA 6in SATA Power Y Splitter Cable Adapter - M/F

The PYO2SATA SATA power splitter cable features a SATA male power connector that connects to a single computer power supply SATA connector, and breaks out into two SATA female power connectors.

Product Research
  • “This a great item to connect 2 IDE drives to the power supply.” – Steve Horvath
  • “It works well, I have had it installed for a few months now with no issues.” – Jason J. Mckee
  • “Broke the plastic around the female jack after applying a small amount of pressure while hiding the cables in my case.” – Oleg

Syba SY-CAB40007 Molex 4 Pin to 2x 15 Pin SATA Power Cable (5.5 Inches)

Molex 4pin to 2x 15pin SATA power cable. The length is 5.5 inch.

Consumer Reports
  • “Recommended buy for those who need it.” – Christopher Wang
  • “Very useful when one needs to adapt your computer power supply from four pin molex to fifteen pin SATA hard drive.” – Douglas A. Brown
  • “Make sure the pins in the molex connector line up properly and don’t just force the connection.” – David B. Cummings

Aleratec SATA Data Cable (2pk)

Aleratec 20 Serial ATA (SATA) Cable 2-Pack.

Customer Reviews
  • “The cables appeared to be good quality and didn’ fall apart when I connected them to the board.” – Martin Wahl
  • “Cables of all kinds are so much cheaper on the internet than they are in retail stores.” – Mark Hendricks
  • “It worked perfect as it had both straight ends, which I needed.” – Herman F. East

StarTech 6in 4 Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable Adapter (SATAPOWADAP)

Connects a 15-pin SATA drive power connector to an LP4 Molex power supplyView largerLook for Branded Packaging – ensure you are getting a genuine StarTech.

Consumer Reports
  • “Cable was made well not a cheap cable works good.” – Mike
  • “I recommend this to anyone who needs it.” – JesseA
  • “I recommend this to anyone who needs to plug a SATA drive into an older power supply with the Molex connectors.” – Cate Dawg

Aleratec SATA Data Cable, 20in - 12 Pack

Aleratec 20 Serial ATA (SATA) Cable 12-Pack.

Consumer Guide
  • “Haven’t had any issues with them, worked great so far.” – mrfixit2011
  • “I like a lot of others bought these so that I have extras on hand.” – George Miller
  • “I am also looking for a pack like this but shorter cables so there is less wire in the PC Towers I build.” – Eric T. Mesi

Manhattan, 6 SATA 15-Pin Male to Dual 4-Pin Molex Female Y Splitter, 308977

* (1) 15-pin male
* (2) 4-pin Molex Female
* Gold-plated SATA connector
* 16 cm (6.

Expert Advice
  • “No cheap brittle parts, very impressed with quality of product.” – steve
  • “This adapter is perfect for newer computers with modular power supplies.” – Ryan
  • “This adapter worked flawlessly with no problems.” – D. Jolley

Micro SATA Cables -15 Pin SATA Male to 4 Pin Female Power Cable
Micro SATA Cables

15 Pin SATA Male to 4 Pin Female Power Cable
Product Details :
• SATA 15 Pin Male to 4 pin Power Cable converts single 4 pin Female Molex HDD connector to a SATA power connector.

Customer Reviews
  • “Item is fully functional.” – lameboi
  • “Easy to install, great for transferring SATA power supply connecors to 4-pin molex for use on older hard drives or additional fans.” – Nic P
  • “Thompson Tools sent a better cable than the one I ordered.” – Fred

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